Monday, January 17, 2011

Honest Review: Hooked on Overages

Its a crowded marketplace of business options out there. And it ain't easy to get through the maze of snake oil. We've put together a video review. It should help shed some light on the programs. Maybe it can help you make an informed choice.
If you're seriously looking, you've probably heard about the courses we go into. Check it out:

Rick Dawson's deed grabber, court house riches and hooked on overages. Nathan Jurewicz's short sale riches. Josh Cantwell's rebel millionaire system. Judgment recovery courses from the likes of sierra judgment recovery and peter giboy. The land profit generator and free and clear real estate programs. And, of course, Shawn Buige's surplus funds riches program.
The above represent the courses in highest demand. But some have after sale upsells, and even bait and switch tactics. Others command an altogether too high of a price, or have an insane number of complaints. It would be foolish to just jump in without asking some hard questions.

I am uniquely qualified to give you a real review of the programs. I've run a large real estate team and been a realtor for over 15 years. Over 1000 closings. Alternative investments include overage recovery, foreclosures, short sales, land contracts, assignable contracts, etc. Thanks to my association with some of the most innovative investors in the industry, I can tell if a deal will work and if the claims are valid.

The programs are reviewed on the most important variables. First is price, of course. With some of these courses at $1000 or more each, you better make a smart choice.
The next thing we looked at is work versus return. We don't want you to chase a program that ends up paying you minimum wage. And, of course, we look into the validity of the course claims. Can the technique even work in the real world?.
Go check it out. Hit the link we've enclosed next --

Hooked on Overages

Hooked on Overages
Remember, there are real options out there. There is no job security anymore and regardless of your decision, you can change your life forever. You can take charge of your financial future.
Do your homework, check out the course creator, and look for honest feedback. To your success!!.

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